CheekyMonkey Bengals

Hobby Breeder of Exceptional Bengals in Caramarthenshire, South Wales, UK
Specializing in Brown & Silver Rosetted & Marbled Bengals

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CheekyMonkey Bengals

Registered & Experienced Breeder of Top Quality Bengal Kittens/Cats since 2005 and have many, many years experience with various Exotic & Domestic Animals on a family run Animal Wildlife Rescue.  

Based in South Wales, Carmarthenshire, UK and easily accessible from the M4.  

I specialize in High Quality Silver, Brown, Snow & Silver/Snow Rosetted Bengals as Special Loving Pets or Outstanding Show/Breeders.  

I came across my first Bengal in 2005 and since then my love for this stunning exotic breed started, They warmed my heart with there intelligent, loyal, affectionate and playful Cheeky Characters and individual personality's. I've selected my Bengals very carefully from some of the finest UK & Import Pedigree Bloodline's to enable me to Breed Exceptional Bengal Cubs with Superb Wild Faces, Heads, Straight Profiles, Puffy Whisker Pads, Broad Nose's, Small well placed Ears, Large Nocturnal Eye's, Wild Confirmation, Striking leopard Rosetted markings with Outstanding Contrast & Clarity, All cubs will be extremely well socialized 100% guaranteed as All cubs are raised in my home. The Bengal was developed through a deliberate mating between the Wild Asian Leopard Cat (which is found in the forests of southern Asia, India, through China, Korea and the Soviet Far East) and a domestic cat to create these stunning domesticated leopards for our homes.

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CheekyMonkey is a Registered Prefix with TICA